For the Love of Writing

Feb 04, 2015

Has the art of writing letters become antiquated and devoid of practicality? We do live in times when sending an e-mail or text is far easier and quicker, it gets the message through instantly and it renders a response much faster than if we were to use classical mediums. But how much quality is there in this fast type of communication? I mean, thank God for Skype, What’s App, Telegram, Viber and even Facebook Messenger for making it so much easier to connect with family, friends, lovers, co-workers, etc. It really is wonderful to have all this technology and to be able to use it limitless, but how about when you want to communicate in a more meaningful and personal way?

I am happy to report I still write letters and manage to communicate in this manner with a couple of dear friends living abroad. I also send postcards everytime I’m on vacation and I always offer greeting cards on Birthdays. And I don’t do it for melancholy reasons, I find yearning for the past useless and unconstructive. I do it because I believe that taking a pen to paper is a form of experiencing presence. And all opportunities that bring presence will bring happiness; after all, isn’t happiness what we’re all seeking?

Below I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite sources for stationery and greeting cards:

Lovely custom monogram stationery by Rifle Paper Co, available here


A beautiful set of ten different writing papers with photographic motives and five envelopes to go with them from Prague, available herePapelote Tabula Rasa

Beautiful set of 3 Presspahn Envelopes from Romania available herefabrik

Envelopes with silk lining in a large array of colours, available hereScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.37.34

My favourite Letterpress Berlin greeting card, available hereScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.24.43

The fun and sweet greeting cards of Ashkahn, available hereashkahn

Sarcastic, absurd, deprecating, hilarious and simply awesome, the greeting cards of the very talented David Shrigley, available heredavid shrigley

Endearingly fun greeting cards by Lazy Oaf, available hereScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.22.34

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