Apr 15, 2017

Things change, all the time. We are never the same, nor is the world around us. To me, change has always been tricky because I have a very heightened need to feel grounded. The process of learning that life is here to be embraced for what it is, albeit difficult, has helped with that and I’ve probably gotten better at letting go and attempting to be more like water over time.

For some reason, it became difficult to post on here lately because I felt like it was very hard to communicate in a natural manner about the way in which this space is changing. As I write this I realize it’s a given: since our nature is not permanent, neither are all things linked to us; if a change occurs in my diet or lifestyle, than naturally that change will be present in this space as well. The changes I’ve made in the way I eat haven’t been sudden, nor drastic. Rather, they’ve come after a long period in which I’ve read, learned and most importantly learned to listen to my body and to become more true to my nature.

In the past months, some products have not made their way back to my table any longer and others have become more present than ever. I do not wish to identify with a particular type of diet, since I’ve been a witness as to how that can become a stick with which we measure, judge and sometimes beat others and I do not agree with that. Having said that, I no longer eat meat and I sparingly consume any sugar. I will occasionally buy and prepare organic meat, from non factory farms, for my family. I go for organic produce as often as I can and I do my best to stay away from processed foods, even though I will have a nice piece of chocolate or something delicious from a pastry shop without feeling guilty. If there’s something I shy away from, that is fanatism.

While I do stand by the fact that there have been significant changes in my energy levels, quality of sleep and overall well-being as a consequence of altering my eating habits, I do think these differ from one person to another and I also believe that there’s much more to a lifestyle than just what you eat; from how much you work out and the manner in which you do it, your stress levels to what you think and the words that leave your mouth or how much you love and forgive yourself, I truly believe that all of these amount to our overall state of well-being.

So, in hope that you will carry on checking back here, I’m officially getting my mojo back and cooking and posting about whatever the hell it is that I feel like cooking and writing about in the moment. Peace out!

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