Screen Time for Kids

Mar 02, 2015

Kids and screens, it seems like a never ending debate. Scientists argue about the damaging effects of screen time on kids, while school systems are integrating technology as a learning tool, leaving parents caught in the middle, asking themselves whether they are endangering their kids by agreeing to hand devices to them in exchange for some free time.

I’m not a big fan of exposing kids to screens, especially before they turn two. I don’t think it’s the best way for children to spend their time, since actual play, discovery and outdoor activities are far superior learning tools for kids. We don’t have a TV in our home and we rarely rely on handheld devices or computers for entertaining our daughter.

There is one time though where I relinquish my phone to my daughter, and that is when we fly. If you’ve ever flown with a toddler, for more than say two hours, you probably know that it can be quite a challenge. For one, unless they sleep, there is no real exploring space and the airplane seat becomes a hot seat pretty fast; couple this with a high energy kid and you have a recipe for disaster.

Now, I must say that before handing over my phone, I try every trick in the book before it gets old: crayons and paper, books, stickers, sew-through activities. After all of these eventually lose their appeal, I turn to the to the big guns. Below is a list of apps my daughter really enjoys, so they are toddler approved; they also don’t feature fast moving sequences, which makes them safer and thus, parent approved as well.

For more info on how screens can affect kids, I’ve found a lot of helpful info here, here and a useful infographic here.

Peekaboo BarnDSC04061

Peekaboo Forestpeekaboo forest

Little Fox Music BoxDSC04076

Pony Style BoxDSC03911

Petting Zoopetting zoo copy

Hat Monkeyhatmonkey

Bubl Ice CreamDSC04070

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