Viscri Bound

Apr 22, 2015

Last week we took a short break and went to Viscri. And even though it was our third time, we found so many new things to do. If you’ve never been, you should definitely plan a trip. If you have, you probably want to go back. Every time we leave, we feel like our stay was too short and we often find ourselves looking for opportunities to go back.

The hosts at Viscri 125, which is actually the address of the old house that has been beautifully restored to accommodate guest rooms, are wonderful. They have a beautiful growing family and they really know how to make their guests feel welcome, with just the right amount of discretion and outgoingness needed. As they used to live in a city before, I commend their deep understanding of preserving and appreciating local values. I think it’s remarkable how they’ve managed to really sink into the slow pace of rural life, raising their beautiful children and looking after their lovely spot under the sun in an aware and meaningful way, all the while building a successful business in the midst of the village, without interfering with its natural order.

And ordered it is, the houses all modestly boasting their original features, as any modifications in appearance are thoroughly regulated, so as not to damage the traditional architecture. Village life, though slow-paced and pleasantly repetitive is not uneventful. There’s a blacksmith and a tile maker that work using traditional methods and you can visit them by horse-drawn cart (we had the pleasure of being chaperoned by Boli, the horse & Stela, the mare). Then, there are the animals that roam free through the village; the cow herd returning home in the evenings is one of the most pleasant and calming things to watch, with their cradled step announced by the sound of the bells worn around their necks. There are also plenty of other activities available in and around Viscri, accessible by car or bicycle and the hosts will gladly talk to you about all of them.

There’s a lot of living in the now in a village such as Viscri and I think for me, this is what draws me towards it most. Sure, there’s also the nice food prepared with local  produce, the gorgeous scenery of the fields and hills and the way the village looks in the evening, with smoke coming out of the chimneys from the fires made to warm the homes for the night. And it’s probably all of these things and everything else that put together make Viscri such a great destination for a break from city life.

I didn’t manage to take as many photos as I would have liked in Viscri, as I forgot to pack the camera charger. However, I find that this is in itself a great opportunity to go back there this Summer and take some more; that and hopefully to get to cook in their beautiful kitchen, with produce freshly picked from their vegetable garden.

For more information about Viscri 125 and booking, go to their website.

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