A Starry Christmas Eve

Dec 26, 2015

Christmas Eve this year was slow, family spent, fun and endearing. I didn’t take a single photo throughout the whole thing, I just enjoyed it as it went. I did manage to snap a few shots before our guests arrived, with the table and the Christmas tree shaped cake I made. I decided to go for a star theme this year because my daughter loves them and we made some watercolor painted paper stars that she decorated with glitter; those were used as a final touch for the table. All of the other props came from our Christmas decorations box, some of them old, some of them a bit newer.

We had a lovely traditional and not so traditional dinner, serving pork shoulder roast, but also rosemary braised salmon for those who don’t prefer meat. My mother and my mother in law made the most delicious hors d’oeuvres, from fish roe to fried pork lard served with onion. We started off with a little bubbly and then had some nice to go through our meal. We finished off with cozonac and my Christmas tree chocolate and vanilla buttercream cake.
To best sum it all up, I think this Christmas Eve was all about being happy with where we’re at, one moment at a time. I think our society has build us up believing that we need to look forward to Christmas or other big events, expecting something extraordinary to happen and using the time preceding Christmas for running around frantically buying gifts and preparing. And when it’s all over, you realize that it never really is like that. There’s really no point in having a great expectation for a massive outcome to take place; all you have is now, so you might as well enjoy it. Peace out and Merry Christmas to all!
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