I was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1983. My grandmother was a traditional home cook extraordinaire and a mighty good baker; she took great pleasure in cooking for our family and she did enjoy eating. I believe she is responsible for implanting taste standards on my cortex. Then there’s my mom, who took it to a whole new level, always looking to experiment new stuff in the kitchen, inventing as she went along, unafraid and joyful. Throughout my life, my mother has been the glue that has kept our family together and looking back now, I realize that the table is at the core of most of my family memories. It’s not something that has been thoroughly documented, but the memory of all these Christmas, Easter, Birthday or plain old family dinner tables have stuck and made such an impression, that to me, this is an innate way of life. Follow me on my journey to finding the perfect balance between moderation and indulgence, all the while attempting to live a more considerate life.IMG_6382