My Easter Table

Apr 15, 2015

The plan for my Easter post was to do something a bit more extensive about our Easter Sunday lunch that would also include the food and a couple more shots of the table in progress. That and to talk about wonderful moments spent among family and friends.

However, Easter lunch was not as peaceful as I had expected, as we experienced an unpleasant incident, which unfortunately, upset me enough that I just couldn’t take any more photos. And while I don’t like to dwell on the negative and my intention was to write here about the positive stuff, life isn’t like that all the time; nor should it be. We sometimes have expectations, which is something that occurs when we forget to live in the present. And more often than not, our expectations aren’t met and that’s all right, it’s part of life.

My Easter wasn’t at all about a peaceful and perfect lunch spent with friends and family. It was instead about learning to forgive and to approach a less than pleasant situation with love and understanding. And while this doesn’t come easily to me, it was a good opportunity to practise.

Even though I only have a couple of photos with the table and it wasn’t the perfect Easter lunch, it was nevertheless my Easter. And it was a good opportunity to take a step back and reassess my circumstances. And while they might not always be ideal, I have a lot to be grateful for. And apparently, a lot more to learn from this journey I’m on.

I hope everyone had a good Easter, and by good I don’t mean perfect, life is never like that anyway. I guess what I’m really saying is that I hope we all can be happy where we are.

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My table setting was pretty simple, I laid out shredded recycled paper in the centre to display the Easter eggs on and keep them within easy reach for everyone around the table. And since I knew the table was going to be flooded with food, I decided to hang flowers above instead of decorating the tabletop with them. I picked out a couple of purple lilacs, green-white carnations, lavender pink roses and a couple of white flowers and green leafy ones and decided to tie them at the end of their stems with thick cotton thread and hang them upside down from our lighting system, just above eye level, so everyone could enjoy their sight while still being able to look at the persons across the table. I will definitely try this arrangement again and play with different colour combinations.

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